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  • P.O Box 16, Oke-Amola, Ikirun
  • 08033895291, 08052485673
Saint Moses Orimolade Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Ikirun conference has being in existence since 1929, it is the mother of many conferences of cherubim and seraphim in Nigeria. It was primarily founded by Baba Moses Orimolade Tunolase during his second term visit to ikirun. At his first visit to Ikirun on evangelical mission in 1919, he was hosted by Pa Abraham Alao, the then Ojomu of Ikirun Land, for the three days he spent with him, he neither ate nor drank throughout these three days, he had all round fasting.
On Sunday, he was called upon to preach at CMS Anglican Church, Oke Ola, Ikirun. The message lasted for about eight (8) hours full of signs and wonders, the inspiration touched so many hearts and they were converted to Christian.

Principally in attendance that day was Baba Jacob Ogundijo, who was so enthusiastic and opined of meeting with such spiritually inclined man again. Some years after baba Jacob ogundijo went to Awori in ogun state to collect church anniversary fee from members in Awori, on getting there, he met some of his associates who had been fully indoctrinated into the system of Baba Moses Orimolade whom he had opined of meeting again. Having explained the whole process to him by his contemporaries that he met there, he too attended the service of Baba Moses Orimolade Tunolase where the host of heaven performed live miracles in his presence and somebody fell on trance and relaid the vision he saw in the name of father, the son and holy spirit which were much true and happened, there baba ogundijo thought of becoming a vibrant member of the church in as much as he could be able to see vision and it was established perfectly the way he saw it. The following people were the people he met at Awori; Pa James Adegboye (Baba Olomi), Pa James Kokolowo, Pa Samuel Alawuyi, Pa Joseph Owolabi, Pa David Akinloye, Pa Jacob Taiwo and Pa Samuel Akintola.

During the next Christmas celebration, they came to Ikirun and thought of continuing their doctrine of “singing and clapping” as given to them by Baba Moses Orimolade, this made baba ogundijo to host them in his parlor at Elemo-aga’s compound, Ikirun. They suffered a lot of hostility and persecution even from their siblings who were idol worshipers. In order not to allow their ambition to see the light of the day, they were sent to Oro Shrine to continue their worshipping there so that they can easily be killed by the Oro but to the glory of God, they were not infringed by any occultism and that oro shrine is where we erected an edifice at our national headquarters in Ikirun that we called “Soosi Gogoro” that is “High Tower Church”.

In 1929, Baba Moses Orimolade went to Ikirun again and was hosted by Pa Oladimeji of Oke’ba Ikirun, Baba Jacob Ogundijo sent for him and he went to oke amola where he blessed the land that “the church shall be the center of excellence and abode of solace and comfort” for all mankind and people shall come from corners of the world to worship there. That day, He christened it Cherubim and Seraphim Church. Baba Ogundijo was seriously assisted in his evangelism tours by baba Joseph Agboola who was forced to be sweeping at market place when baba ogundijo was sentenced to prison for no just cause, only in the name of praying for people and releasing them from bondage of paganism but miraculously released after few days. .

Shortly after Baba Orimolade had christened C & S in Ikirun, he came back again to ascertain how flourish was the church he christened for them , the second day of his arrival at ikirun, there was a rain accompanied by thunder storm which demolish a church founded in Obaagun via Ikirun, Baba Orimolade tool along with him Pa. Ogundijo, Agboola, Adediji and some other vibrant prayer warriors to the scene of event, at the entrance of obaagun, Baba cursed the evil spirit that was demolishing the church and he prayed that henceforth, no thunder storm shall demolish the work of God in the Obaagun again, and it was established since that day.

When civilization came, C & S began to form conferences, we were at Eternal Sacred order of C & S church Ibadan Western Conference and Ikirun was the parish Headquarters of about 140 towns. Later we opined to have autonomy, and we registered a conference named the Holy Church of C &S Ikirun Conference headed by Late General Apostle David Akinola but because of our originality with Baba Orimolade we decided to immortalize our prime founder and we registered St. Moses Orimolade C & S Church Ikirun Conference under the regime led by Rt. Rev. David Adediji (JP.) with the first Secretary General Special Supt. Ap. Samuel Olapade Olateru (JP.) (both late) between 1990 to 2002. Another regime was championed by His Eminence Prophet Gabriel Oyedeji Jolayemi between 2004 and 2012 with Special Apostle Caleb Akintunde Ojo as Secretary General. After the demise of Baba Alakoso Jolayemi, another erudite scholar, eloquent preacher and a counselor of higher reputation took the mantle of leadership in person of His Eminence, General Supt. Ap. Dr. Emanuel Olujobi Akinwolu Akindele.

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