• P.O Box 16, Oke-Amola, Ikirun
  • 08033895291, 08052485673
  • P.O Box 16, Oke-Amola, Ikirun
  • 08033895291, 08052485673


  • To evangelise and to arouse the Africans in particular and the whole World in general, the practice of Spiritual Christian charity and faith as taught by Christ Himself.

  • To propagate the Gospel, and doctrine of the Cherubim and Seraphim band as a Christian religion as laid down by the only founder late Moses Orimolade Tunolase and his successors.

  • To serve as a vigorous conscious moral and spiritual vanguard for removing all forms of evils in the Association.

  • To work and bring out to light our faith and belief in Divine healing and the power of prayer according to the scripture.

  • To work and bring out to man the true moral and spiritual values Association, as revealed, laid down and practice by the founder.

  • To work in close co-operation with all Christian Religious organizations who hold identical beliefs and faith as cherished by our church.

  • To establish and open schools and colleges, clinics, hospitals and a special for the training of Ministers, and all categories of spiritual workers.


…..determined to make a positive change.


We exist to nurture what the Lord Jesus Christ purchased with His precious blood with FOOD of SPIRIT and propagate the WORD of GOD.

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